Alternate Golf Formats

Big Hole Golf

Modified Golf

The lesser hole formats (6 or 9 holes) of the game are a great way get juniors and beginners involved in the game and can often be a lot more convenient than having the time to play the full 18 holes.

A shortened version of the game where the tees are simply moved forward to shorten the length of the course will decrease the amount of shots played in a round and ensure that rounds are played in less time. The competition format can be the same as is played on a standard length course. Simply changing the length of the course will reduce the amount of shots hit in a round and hopefully increase enjoyment for all levels of golf.

Big Hole Golf

A modified version of the game that is played on the same course layout, just with bigger holes. Big Hole Golf cups are slightly wider than 8 inches and encourage a faster version of the game. Big Hole Golf also encourages a regular golfer to bring along a social or new golfer and play in a FASTBALL format- a combination of traditional foursomes and Ambrose.

Premier League Golf

Golf Premier League Team Premiership is a structured League style competition based around a Regular Season and Finals Series devised to incorporate a team element that is missing in normal golf club competitions. Playing with GPL's Competition Rules creates a unique team spirit amongst Club membership and promotes a bonding that is designed to increase participation, atmosphere and enjoyment in Club Competition golf. The excitement that comes on Grand Final Day is a dynamic not achieved outside of team sport.

Benefits to participating members include;

  • •   A remarkable lift in club atmosphere and excitement amongst all members leading to greater enjoyment and motivation to play golf during competition.
  • •   A unique bonding creates a wonderful spirit within Teams where new friendships and friendly rivalries will form throughout the membership.
  • •   The opportunity to become a premiership player
  • •   Further member benefits will be added as partner deals are completed.

Family Golf

Each year Golf Victoria holds a family championship in which each two person team must have an immediate family relationship. The event is a 4BBB competition, and is contested in Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Categories.

Alternatively, a Fambrose challenge has been added, which is a 9 Big Hole Golf competition contested in a 2 person Ambrose format.

Events of a similar layout can be conducted at club level. This environment can encourage other family members who are not regular golfers to attend. Rules may be modified or a shorter version of the game implemented to attract non-golfing family members to the game.

5 club event

Events can be conducted that allow players to only carry five clubs in their bag. These events encourage golfers to think strategically about the clubs they take on course with them and can provide an entertaining and challenging round of golf.

A 5 club event can be played in any format of the game. Short courses will speed up the game, however, may not prove to be as much of a challenge as playing the full length of the course. Playing formats such as 4BBB, 2 person Ambrose or foursomes all add extra aspects to this adaptable format of the game.

Split Sixes

Split sixes is best played in groups of 3 and on each hole 6 points are up for grabs. If a player wins the hole outright by two or more shots they get all 6 points. If a player wins the hole by only a single shot, they receive 4 points and the player with the next best score receives 2. If the other 2 players have the same score they get one point each. If two players have the same score and it is better than the other player in the group both players receive 3 points each. If all players have the same score 2 point is awarded to each player.


Gentsomes is played in a similar format to Ambrose golf. Players are in teams on 4 and each player hits their ball from the tee. From here, the best ball is chosen and each player again hits from that position. Once each player has hit a ball from the position of the best drive, each player plays out the hole with his/her ball. Players are required to record their stableford score and the best two scores from the team of 4 for that hole are recorded.  Players use their individual handicap to score the stableford points for their team total.

Alternate rules such as each players drive must be selected at least 3 times or counting the best 3 scores from the team instead of 2 can also be added to the format.

Bisque Par

Bisque Par is similar to the par scoring format of the game where plus (+), minus (-) or square (O) scoring is used to determine the score for that hole.

For example a player has a handicap of 13, they traditionally get shots on the hardest 13 holes on the course as determined by the Index rating on the scorecard. However, in Bisque Par, these 13 shots can be used anywhere on the course, and the player can decide once the hole has been completed if they would like to use some of their 13 shots. The player must declare before they hit off on the next tee if they wish to use their shots on the previous hole.

If a player has a 9 on a par 4, they can elect to use 5 of their 13 shots to allow them to go from having a minus on the hole, to having a square. However, once a player has used their 13 shots that is it, and the round is played out as if they were playing off scratch.

This format of the game encourages players to make wise decisions about where they will use there strokes, and how it can affect their score for not only the hole but also the overall score for the round.


Cha-cha-cha can be played in a team format involving 4 participants. Each member of the team plays the hole as normal. However, a 3 hole rotation exists for determining which players scores are used to determine the team score.

On the first hole (cha), the one low ball counts as the team score. On the second hole (cha cha), the two low balls count as the team score. On the third hole (cha cha cha), the three low balls count as the team score. The rotation starts over on the fourth hole.

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