A touch of old and new at Mount Beauty


The Mount Beauty Golf Club has been actively involved in Golf Month since its inception and 2017 proved no different.

Last October, the organisers at Mount Beauty brought to life a couple of innovative and intriguing twists on the sport we know and love, introducing the locals to their take on Vintage and Cross-Country Golf.

Their Vintage Golf day allowed many golfers to take a trip down memory lane, using antique equipment (pictured) that was last seen gracing golf courses 50 years ago.

Whilst the format remained largely the same as a more traditional round of golf, the ‘old’ and ‘unforgiving’ clubs ensured that everyone was in for a challenge.

In following on from the success of their Vintage twist, the club’s Cross-Country event sought to bring Golf back into the 21st century, with a creative approach that framed the beauty of the alpine environment.

As the name suggests, there was rarely a smooth path to hole, with golfers having to navigate some of nature’s most intimidating obstacles, including a forest of 20m trees and a maintenance shed. Assistant Captain, Ben Charlton, even went to the effort of creating a unique scorecard for the activity (pictured).

Whilst some described completing the strategically hazardous course as an “impossible task”, it didn’t deter any golfers from trying, with the nibbles, drinks and clubhouse banter more than enough encouragement to reach the finish line.

The inclusion, creativity and passion witnessed at these events in Mount Beauty embody all that is special about Golf Month.

As a result of the success in October, the club managed to gain 12 new members, an impressive feat that is really a testament to the hard work put in by Michael Bartholomew, Ben Charlton and Allan Ferrari.


Golf Month 2018 is fast approaching! Make sure your club or facility is involved. Register and upload your activities at golfmonth.com.au.

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