Victorian club golf results - Monday


   AMSTEL: Men: Stableford Ranfurlie: White: A: P O'Brien (8) 39 cb. B: M Kerin (15) 35 cb.

   BARWON HEADS: Men: Stroke C'ship: Black: A: J Owen bt M Cashinella 3-1. B: H Timms bt P Johnstone 2up. C: B Smith bt T Noblet 3-2. Women: A: H Brodie bt J Hope-Johnstone 1up. B: A Derham bt B Robson 3-2. C: D Burns bt D Batten. Men: Stableford: A: B Purchase (10) 40. B: T Ward (18) 39. Women: D Fowler (13) 35.

   BERWICK MONTUNA: Mxd: Stableford: M Crawford (13) 44.

   BOX HILL: Stableford: A: E Doonan (15) 45. B: J Oriander (18) 43 cb.

   BRIGHT: Veteran: Stableford: A: R Cordero (11) 39. B: J Tisdall (22) 34.

   CARDINIA BEACONHILLS: Stableford: A Toon (18) 41.

   CHURCHILL WAVERLEY: Stableford Churchill Park: White: V Bray (36) 39.

   CLIFTON SPRINGS: Women: Stableford: P McConaghy (27) 36.

   COHUNA: Men: Par: G Hooper (28) 2 up. Women: P Bird (18) 5 down.

   COMMONWEALTH: Men: Stableford White: A: B Laing (17) 43. B: J Leadbeater (30) 48. Women: M Edmonds (26) 38.


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