Rules Accreditation & Services


Golf Victoria provides a number of services in relation to the Rules of Golf. 


Competition Management

For every competition, a Competition Committee should be formed and Competition Conditions established in order to run a successful competition.

For more information on the setting up and running of a competition, please proceed to the following:


Club Level Rules Workshops & Exams

Golf Victoria, in cooperation with golf clubs throughout the State, have organised Rules Workshops to help develop Rules knowledge and foster the development of the game. To view up coming Rules Workshops please click the link below:

Rules Workshops Calendar (PDF)

To Register for a Rules Workshop (follow this Link and then click on the Register button)

If you are interested in testing your understanding of the Rules of Golf and the speed at which you can research a Rule from the Rulebook, then the 50-question online open-book exam is the best place to start. It is a pre-requesite that you attend a Rules Workshop, so please register your interest above.


State Level Rules Workshops & Exam

The State Level exam is the pinnacle Rules Accreditation administered by the State. It features a very indepth training on the running of a golf competition, setting Local Rules, and the practical and theoretical application of the Decisions on the Rules of Golf.

It is a pre-requesite that you have passed the Club Level Rules Exam with a pass rate of 45+. 

The dates for the provisional dates for the 2016 State Level Education program are as follows:

August 7 - Workshop & August 21 - Exam


September 4 - Workshop & September 18 - Exam

Attendees SHOULD already have a high knowledge of the Rules of Golf before attending the Workshop.


Rules Referees

After you have completed either the Club or both the Club and State, you will be registered as a Rules Referee. You will receive a quarterly newsletter from 

Golf Australia, and golf clubs around the State are encouraged to utilise Club or State Level Accredited people when running golf competitions.

*Accredited Club & State Rules Officials search under construction*

In the mean time, please contact David Blake during business hours:
Phone: (03) 8545 6210


Rules Queries

Golf Victoria conducts a rules enquiries service for affiliated golf clubs; Country District Golf Associations and the Victorian Golf League. 

Clubs wishing to submit rules enquiries should do so in writing via email to

Individual players with a rules query may also contact the Golf Victoria office for assistance, but we ask that you first contact your relevant golf committee.


Rules of Golf Resource Material

Golf Victoria distributes Rules of Golf books to all Victorian Golf Clubs which are supplied free of charge every four years by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.  

In addition, the following rules resource items are also available for purchase from Golf Victoria:

Further information these can be located at the following sources:


Rules of Amateur Status

Golf Australia and its Member State Associations strictly enforce the Rules of Amateur Status as laid down by the international governing authority, R&A Rules Limited. 

A copy of the Rules of Amateur Status is available from Golf Australia and each state association.  

The Rules of Amateur Status can be found in the Rules of Golf Book, on pages 163-179.


Procedure for Enforcement and Reinstatement of Amateur Status

Upon a decision that a player has breached a Rule, Golf Australia or the State Association may withdraw the player’s Amateur Status or require the player to stop specified actions.

A player applying to be reinstated to Amateur Status should obtain the appropriate form from the State Association, which will then consider the application. (see below)

Each case will be considered on its merits. Usually the applicant will be required to undergo a minimum period of 12 month awaiting reinstatement during which time the Rules must be fully observed. A wilful breach of the Rules can attract a period awaiting reinstatement of up to two years.

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